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Basic Manga Coloring Tutorial October 30, 2008

Posted by SmilewiththeLife in Tutorial.
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I find this coloring tutorial when I copy some mangas from my friend’s computer. So, I think it’s better to share with you guys before I delete it, lol. Cuz, to be honest I really not good doing thing like this. Anyway, hope you enjoy it. Oh ya, thanks for KyuuZor.


♠ Vhea’s Cabaret Work Progress:


 ♠ Rizyu Kaizen’s CST:          ♠ Aquasixios’s BOS:             ♠ Poke Freak’s CST:


♠ Norli’s Coloring Character Tutorial:


♠ Kaze Hime’s SCG:            ♠ No Name’s HCG:             ♠ Black Straycat’s BC:


 Poli’s CG Tutorial: